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OGDM Operational or Service Modes

OGDM Operate in the following operational / Service modes


The Office of the Governor on Disability Matters, Anambra State OGDM, formulates policies and Engage in advocacies on issues of persons with disability

Disability Aid, Humanitarian And Human resourrce development Services

The Office of the Governor on Disability Matters provides Aid services which includes Sign Language Interpretations, Ambulatory Navigation Assistance etc as well as humanitarian services which includes human resource / skills development for Persons with Disabilities

Disability Rights Protection

OGDM promotes, guides and pursues the protection against the violation of rights of persons in respect to their disabilities

Disability Interface-services

OGDM serves as an interface and provides interface-services (including Management of Feedback mechanisms, consultation and coordination of humanitarian intervention policies and projects ) between the government, private establishments and the disability community

| Purpose

    OGDM Was Set Up To Actualize The Vision Of The Executive Governor For The Disability Community In The State.

    To Implement Employment Opportunity Policy For Qualified Persons With Disabilities In The State.

    To Prevent All Forms of Discrimination Against Persons With Disabilities tn The Society

    TO Formulate And Implement Disability Inclusive Policies In Governance For Anambra State.

    To Promote Self Reliance And Entrepreneurship Amongst Persons With Disabilities.

    To Provide Support for NGOs and motivate Public Private Partnership Projects That Benefit Persons With Disabilities in The State

| Achievements

OGDM Achievements

The Governor has, through this office, recorded the following successes for the Disability community in Anambra State.

Employment of several persons with Disabilities into the state's civil service

Enactment of a law (ANAMBRA STATE DISABILITY RIGHTS LAW), The only state in the south East of Nigeria to have a law which provides for Inclusion of persons with Disabilities in all state policies and programs

Guaranteed employment opportunities for persons with Disabilities in the state.

The prohibition of discrimination against, and the protection of the rights of persons with Disabilities.

The education and sporting opportunities for persons with Disabilities etc.

Appointment of over five (5) persons with Disabilities to the Governor's cabinet

Promotion of civil servants with Disabilities to their rightful service levels after years of neglect and stagnation.

Recognition and rewarding athletes with Disabilities who won medals at the national and international competitions

providing financial encouragement to a visually impaired Author of Mathematics and a proponent of a new mathematical formula

Establishment of Disability Law centes for the facilitation of access to justice and protection of Disability/ human rights of persons with Disabilities.

Establishment of access computer technology center (ACT) and provision of assistive and mobility equipment for productivity enhancements of persons with Disabilites.

Institution of free transportation in state owned vehicles for persons with Disabilities.

Recruitment of five sign language interpreters, more Deaf teachers, Braille instructor and computer instructors for persons with Disabilities.

Establishment of state Disability forum for dialogue between Governments and Disability community with a view to providing assessment of and advice on Government poliecies and programs for persons with Disabilities

Factors Responsible For Our Achievements

Our Success Factors

The appointment of an Senior Special Assistant (SSA), now made the Special Adviser, (SpAd) to the governor on Disability matters, (SA) on sign language communication, A Special Assistant (SA) on Special Sports and an Executive Assistant (EA) on disability services.

The diaspora standard of operation adopted by the SA (Special Adviser) and implemented in the OGDM (office of the Governor on Disability matters)

The cooperation from the leaders of the state chapter of joint national association of persons with Disabilities (JONAPWD)

The confidence of His Excellency on his appointees with and/or for persons with Disabilities

The cooperation of the principal officers of the Governments and the Ministry of social welfare, children and women affairs

The cooperation between the SA (Special Adviser) office and the state chapters of the Disability clusters groups

The mutual interaction amongst persons with Disabilities at the state Disability forum

The assistace of the experienced senior servants deployed/seconded to the office

Collaboration With Disability and Humanitarian Services Center

Skills Development | Access Computer Technology

OGDM in a collaborative service with the Disability and Humanitarian Service Center's Access Computer Training Center For Persons With Disabilities, provides qualitative disability-tailored skills training on ICT, Braille Studies etc for every cluster of disability at no cost

LEGAL SERVICES | Disability Law Center

The Office of the Governor on Disability Matters in a support partnership with the Disability Law Center of the Disability and Humanitarian Services Center, provides legal services to assist PWDs in their access to justice; including Pro Bono Services

In What Modes Does OGDM function:

Here is a little deeper dive into the service modes of the Office of the Governor on Disability Matters, as mentioned above

Disability Aid services and Human resource development Services

The Office of the Governor on Disability Matters avails personnel and/or resources for the provision of disability aid services eg Sign Language Interpretation, Ambulatory Navigation for the visually impaired and mobility services for para- and quadru- plegics as well as providing humanitarian and human resource development services including skills trainings, provisions of aid devices for persons with disabilities.

  • Sign Language Interpretations for effective communication with hearing and speech impaired persons, Ambulatory Navigation services including human guides, assistance on the use of cane-guides
  • OGDM through humanitarian and charity projects from government and private sector provides disability aid devices including wheelchairs, cane guides and hearing aids for PWDs.
  • In a collaboration with Disability and Humanitarian Services Center, OGDM provides free skills training program for persons with disability in ICT and other skills .

Disability Interface Services

Office of the Governor on Disability Matters, acts as an interface between Government and private establishments and the disability community; also providing interface-services like coordination, advocacy and liasons for interfacing partners.

OGDM in this capacity carries out the following services:

  • Advises Government and Government agencies on effective inclusion of disability concerns in policy decisions: to promote a best-in-practise disability inclusivity in government policies.
  • Conveying Government's inclusive policies to the disability community and reporting back feedback responses from the community to the government for complete communication and effective control system
  • Cordinating humanitarian and charity projects of governments and private sector to persons with disabilities
  • Consulting on most effective best-in-practise intervention policies on disability issues, for government and private sector.

Disability Rights Protection

OGDM Office of the Governor on Disability Matters promotes and assists the protection against violation of the rights of persons with disabilities through guides and supports.

Advocacy Services

The Office of the Governor on Disability Matters (OGDM), formulates, promotes and advocates on policies and projects that generally enhances the living conditions and effective inclusion of the disability community in the society.

The OGDM advises on the best-in-practice implementation techniques and strategies for such policies and programs.




Anambra State the best in the implementation of the Disability Rights Law - National Commission for Persons with Disabilities


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