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'21 October 13, Wednesday 01:33 am

image on Governor Willie Obiano the P4 Leader.


The executive Governor of Anambra stat His Excellency,Chief Sir Willie Mmaduaburochukwu Obiano has be vindicated in diverse ways as a progressive,proactive,precautionary and prophetic leader.
His progressive credentials is evident in the four development wheels of Anambra state; Agricultural,Industrialization,Trade and commerce, oil and gas.
These developments catalysts and their enablers have placed Anambra state on a road map to an undeniable prosperity for the generation unborn. A leader does not work or move alone therefore the brains of vision 2070 committee members set up by Governor Willie Obiano to actualize his progressive ideas for the prospective developed Anambra will galvanize, consolidate and solidify the components of a visionary structure for the foundation of a viral society anchored on a diversified economy of an industrialized state.
Governor Willie Obiano is proactive as demonstrated by his leadership on the war against COVID-19 pandemic. He embraced and adopted the world doctrine of president George Walker Bush of United States of America who propounded the doctrine of “ taking the battle to your enemy” as against the popular defensive policy of “Striking back when you are attacked”.
Governor Obiano mobilized the state health machineries and structure to practicalize the age old medical stand that “prevention is better than cure.” The result is eloquent, as of today, no confirmed case of Corona virus infection in Anambra state.
Governor Willie Obiano is precautionary because he does not take things for granted or capitalize on the success of yesterday. This why although Anambra is adjudged the safest state in Nigeria,he continues to invest in the state security apparatus to take the security of Ndi Anambra to the next level. His precautionary actions has so far spared Ndi Anambra of the activities of criminal elements taking advantage of the sit at home measures to minimize the spreading of COVID-19 infection.
Governor Willie Obiano’s leadership prowess appear prophetic because long before the advent of COVID-19 pandemic and when no one saw it coming, Governor Obiano established in Anambra state an oxygen plant like no other in the south east. Oxygen is an indispensable requirement for the mechanical ventilation o a COVID-19 patient in intensive care unit(ICU). 
According to a BBC reporter, when a patient is brought into the ICU, the health process will need to get oxygen into the lungs of the patient to circulate he blood in order to keep the organs working. Different methods of ventilation will be necessary at this stage. Mechanical ventilators will need oxygen to function. These ventilators are expensive and cost prohibitive unless and until we can fabricate these locally,Nigeria is not out of the woods in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic. Thank God for the P4 leader in Anambra state, the progressive proactive, precautionary and prophetic Willie who saw ahead of everyone else and took steps to shield Ndi Anambra. This is no doubt what Pope John Francis saw and honored Governor Obiano with the commander of the pontifical order of St. Gregory the great, we can confidently say that divinity and humanity are in agreement with the selfless vertical and horizontal services of Governor Willie Mmaduaburochukwu Obiano. His leadership characteristics are indicative of inert hindsight,insight,foresight and mind-sight.
Bravo! Agu Na eche Mba, akpokuedike, Odogwu Omambala and Ogugua Ndi Olusi.